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Decentralized Provider Data Management Platform

  • Collaborate on provider directory management and credentialing with trusted peers and partners

  • Reduce duplicative provider data verification work across organizations

  • Manage shared and private provider information in a single solution

Collaborative Provider Data Management Platform for Payers and Health Systems

Our Platform

Provider Data Management & Credentialing

  • Leverage in real time the PDM and credentialing operations of trusted peer organizations across a decentralized network

  • Complete provider profiles and credentialing faster and at significantly lower cost

  • Track precisely which provider data elements are changed, when, and by whom

  • Manage public and private provider profile information with a single solution

  • Streamline onboarding, directory updates and credentialing
    for physicians and other healthcare workers

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BlockSecure Health supports payers, health systems, and the healthcare workers that they cover and employ.

BSH is a blockchain-based SaaS solution which enables secure, real-time sharing of critical provider data between trusted peers across a permissioned private network.

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  • Use verified provider data from HCWs & trusted network peers

  • Reduce provider data management time & expense

  • Improve data quality

  • Update once & reuse information across multiple plans & health systems

  • Streamline application, privileging & enrollment

  • Update once & reuse information across multiple plans & health systems

  • Streamline application, privileging & enrollment

BlockSecure Health Provider Data Management Solution

Our Solutions

Provider Credentialing

Reduce Credentialing Time

Verified provider data from trusted peers and partners significantly reduces provider credentialing and onboarding time.

Collaborate With Peers 

Collaborate with other organizations and reduce duplicated provider data verification.

Realtime Sanction Monitoring

Push notification for any adverse action against provider or any licensure or other provider information change.

Provider Directory

Improve Data Quality 

Improve provider data quality at reduced cost that reduces compliance risks and improves member satisfaction. 

Consolidate Provider Data

Configurable real time integration with other applications and partner data sources.

Enhanced Experience

Reduced duplicative efforts for providers to provide same information to multiple health plans.

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