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Provider Directory

Collaborate with other organizations to manage provider data

Improved provider data quality at reduced cost and that reduces compliance risk

Reduce duplicative work for providers

Provider Credentialing

Significantly reduce provider credentialing time and faster provider onboarding

Real time monitoring of any sanctions or adverse actions on provider

Complete audit trail of changes and compliant with NCQA, Joint Commission and URAC

  • Flexible data ingestion engine to support integration with existing applications and other data sources

  • Highly configurable real-time integration with other applications

Provider Data Management & Credentialing

Collaborative Provider Data Management Platform for Payers and Health Systems

Provider Data Management & Credentialing

  • Leverage in real time the PDM and credentialing operations of trusted peer organizations across a decentralized network

  • Complete provider profiles and credentialing faster and at significantly lower cost

  • Track precisely which provider data elements are changed, when, and by whom

  • Manage public and private provider profile information with a single solution

  • Streamline onboarding, directory updates and credentialing
    for physicians and other healthcare workers

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BlockSecure Health - Provider Data Management Platform

Consolidate provider data from various systems and partner data sourcs
Transparency and audit trail of all provider information changes for compliance with NCQA, Joint Commission and URAC.
Enhance experience for providers and members
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Collaboration with trusted Payers, Health Systems and Providers.
Manage private and shared data in single solution
Reduced  duplicative effort for managing provider data and credentialing.

Provider Data Management Platform

Extended Credentialing Time

Duplicative verification extends provider credentialing, onboarding time and delays patients care.

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